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Your Home Is Bombarded by Dirty Electricity, Take Action Today

Reduce harm from dirty electricity in your home

Electrical pollution can cause Headaches, Nausea, Tinnitus, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Dizziness and other harmful ailments to you and your family.

EMF Starter Test Kit Bundle:

Ideal for those renting or leasing a house, an apartment or office space

EMF Protection Pure Power Bundle:

Ideal for those renting or leasing a house, an apartment or office space

EMF Protection Power Perfect Bundle:

Ideal for homes less than 2500 sq. ft. - Perfect for homeowners

EMF Protection Super Duty Bundle:

Ideal for homes larger than 2500 sq. ft. with solar

Purify Your Power With SATIC Products

Your safeguard against harmful electromagnetic exposure

"I was at home, suddenly observed the electromagnetic energy source or what we called Dirty Electricity, if you living with your family and children do assure to keep Satic Power Perfect Wire-In. This will provide you an environment with 0 fluctuations and even reduced cost."

Nicole Landford

"Great product, great service"

Steven Hayes

"The staff is very cooperative and professional. Thanks for your amazing service at such great prices.

Brandon Davis

"During the renovation of my home my neighbor suggested installing a power perfect box from Satic. It has been five years, and everything is functioning smoothly. We already installed it on another commercial site too and recommend all to use their products."

Gonzalez Bailey

"I have installed in my office as well as my personal residence the SATIC Global Energy Saver and the SATIC full spectrum lights. I am extremely pleased with the performance of these products. My office equipment runs smoother. The lights make the atmosphere much more comfortable. I have seen a marked difference in my day to day activities because of these products."

Rosie Hayes

"Your loan of an additional wall plug-in unit, installed in the shack, made a huge improvement in EMF and background noise on the radio. I subsequently purchased one of these units, and I'm considering getting a second unit for the other circuit.. I'm very happy with the results."

Pablo Baker

"My electricity was dangerously dirty putting me at a higher risk for cancer, etc. High mV readings radiate through the wires and cause dangerous unhealthy electric fields. My power is clean now. I hardly ever see over 21 mV anywhere in my house after unplugging computer when charged and not using air filter when sitting near that wall."

Curtis Nelson

"I am very pleased with the Power Perfect surge protector EMF filter. I have never felt so physically comfortable in my home. From my large appliances to my tiny, super sensitive digital equipment, everything runs nicely. It is as if the electrical wiring in my house doesn't exist... it is just smooth."

Richard Stroth

"I am electrosensitive. I decided to go with the Super Duty Power Perfect dirty electricity filter I also bought a Greenwave dirty electricity meter.. with the filter installed, my levels range between 14 mV and 45 mV, depending on the time of day. Before the filter was installed, my sleep was poor. Since the installation several months ago, I've been healthier and sleeping better."

Andrew Maiden

"Very impressed with Satic, Inc! Their sales team was able to answer all my questions and they were prompt to mail out my EMF protection products."

Michelle Burton

"We are so grateful to have joined forced with Satic, Inc. They supplied us with clean power products that reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our monthly utility bills. We highly recommend the Satic staff as well as the Satic product line to any customer, both commercial and residential!"

Burton Productions

"Purchased solar through these guys, installed yesterday. Professional to deal with- Satic, Inc in sales was great, straight advice with no-fluff approach. Admin team support friendly and efficient. Installers were on time and did a great job, no fuss, no dramas. Thanks all, it's been a great experience."

Amelia Torres

"Had a great experience with Satic Inc. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The guy that came round was very informative and walked me though how everything worked so I felt very confident about the process of getting solar. I've had my panels for about a week now and I can't wait to see the savings."

Alyssa Miller

"This is the home of the EMF (Google it) Eliminator! Helps reduce radiation one house at a time. Tell them Valerie sent so you can get a discount."

Mary Valerie

Protect Your Family with SATIC Shield


    Clean your dirty electricity with SATIC Filtration. Our wire-in and plug-in energy management systems filter and condition harmful electromagnetic radiation in your home.

    • Surge protection
    • Line conditioning
    • EMF reduction
    • Voltage regulation
    • Reduce negative harmonics
    • Reduce electrical consumption
    • Equipment longevity
    • Energy savings


    Drastically reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation with SATIC Shielding. Our grounded Field Shields use NASA-grade radiation coating to reflect and ground RF and EMF radiation.

    • Shields over 90% of EMF, EMI, Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G
    • Effective inside and outside
    • Offers 8 layers of protection
    • Installs in minutes


    Assess the level of e-pollution in your home and identify common EMF-causing culprits with SATIC Testing. Each SaticShield EMF Plus Test Kit includes:

    • EMI meter
    • Outlet tester
    • Pure power plug-in filter
    • Clipboard and LED pen
    • EMI reading recording sheets
    • Comprehensive assessment guide
    This package leaves you fully equipped to assess and mitigate dirty electricity and EMF.


    Maximize your investment in solar with SaticSolar. We provide full-service support for our Solar clients. We'll work with you from planning and installation all the way to maintenance and monitoring.

    • Available for all homes and businesses
    • Planning and installation
    • Monitoring and maintenance
    • Resource assessments and optimizations

    Lessen the Effects of Dirty Energy With SATIC Shield

    Protect your family against electromagnetic radiation